Changing to simple bump system

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Changing to simple bump system

I think the current system works well if this site didn't get so few posts but since the site barley gets any posts a simple bump system where if someone posted in an old thread it would be moved to the top of "active blog posts" would make more sense. Just sharing my opinion, thanks.

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Right now we have kind of an hybrid bump system, the posts are bumped to the top but they are limited by the month they were posted just to avoid necroing stuff to the top. The normal bump system 4chan has works there just fine cos the posts are deleted if they are not replied, but here the posts are permanent so it would bring a lot of dead post to the top, I think that is better to have new dead posts than old dead post on the front, but maybe as you say going necro now that things are slow could bring at least some good memories or get the most interesting posts of all times to the front...