Adult Cams
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https://youtu.be/5pFX8iWArH0 Mine song but the instrumental is king of carrot flowers and it's sung badly.
https://youtu.be/tVL5qOIjoeg Alaskan Fishermen - Cold Up In Here
https://youtu.be/jJBI4ckmB2M Onra - The Anthem
https://youtu.be/1KC2-EZ1ee0 Gorillaz - some kind of nature

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Chum Tunes

Yo chums I've run out of shit to listen to.
ITB Post your best tunes.

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Natty's Sex Music (Get Set)

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What kind of music do you listen to?

So. Exactly what the title says. I'm wondering what kind of music are you chums into? Genre-wise, band-wise, whatever. Anyone up for sharing their musical tastes?

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