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What is the sexiest langage/accent

Some dudes voted that the most seccy accent was the British one, and a dude even made a sketch about it, which was pretty fun.
What would be the sexiest language or accent, chums?

I couldn't tell for mine, and I can't decide for a language. Maybe a Scandinavian one.

no bulli 4 fronch accent pls

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Omelette du Fromage.

Baguette du Pain.


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Happy new fucking year

May This year be benefic for tour hormonal production and Your ovulation rate, test subjects.

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I dreamt of you, 4Chumblr

We went at the beach, we had fucking huge inflatable boats, we were sleeping in them, admin came in a jeep to kill us, i have no idea why, and i slept with inky, but i think i'm in the friendzone.

That was awesome, I want vacation like that.

Too bad I forgot a lot of the dream.

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Last Name Etymology

Hey chums, what does your last name means?

Mine comes from the first name Roland, which means [hrod] glory, and land.
So my name fucking means GLORIOUS LAND
It was also the badass buddy of Charlemagne, by the way.

What about you?

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Personality Test

I found that site, that's pretty fon. Let's try that.

I'm that.


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Innawoods Blog

Let's do our Innawoods inventory, Chums

Here's mine:


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Haï, pipole

As you surely don't know it, I'm not really present, these days. Nothing really happend, but I lost the reflex of regurally coming. When I'll get a better phone, that'll surely change.

How are y'all doing? Any newfag here?

Don't worry Poofi, I will do your drawing, one day. But I keep that in mind.

I also think more and more about making anglophone videos about things. Like france, explanation of things, a bit of philosophy, nothing serious, but I'd like to know your mind on all that, and what I could talk about.

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Official 4chumblr 3DS Friend Code Blog

In lieu of Smash Bros. coming out tomorrow I thought it'd be a good idea to post friend codes so we can all beat the shit out of each other in smash.

Mine is 3153-3915-8933