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What Everyone's Been Waiting for


Yes. This happened. Choose your reaction wisely.

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will you fucking unban the ip 76.x.x.x goddamn or at least tell me what i did fr fr smh tbh

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9/23- Marking the Calender

In light of recent habbidings and my fortune with electronics, I've realized a couple things.

If I must drink coffee at the desk, do not fill it to the brim. Coffee always spills, science has proven this.

The Toshiba is shit and old. No amount of fan power would keep it on.

I've no idea what else to do with my Vaio's hard drive if the thing 1) won't turn on, and 2) is now external.

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Hunt for the Golden Goddesses- Part 18/18 -Epilogue-

In the beginning...
Last time...

Red stretched out her arms and yawned. Her hands and knees felt sore, although padded underneath her were various articles of bedding, but she didn’t quite know why. Huntsman and she had just…

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Happy 1st Birthday, 4Chumblr.org!

This week is a special week!

Chums normally chatting in Skype are back in IRC for a limited time!

Get in here!

So many exclamation points!

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Hunt for the Golden Goddesses- Part 16/18

In the beginning...
Last time...

Corridors upon corridors filled Red’s vision. She could barely keep her footing every time Huntsman took a turn, not to mention her lower half throbbed with physical pain on each step. Her everything hurt, and all she wanted was a way to take a break. Plus, the sweat from their gripped hands didn’t help her grasp, and she slipped through.

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Storytime! (feat. Nigger McNignog)

>be me
>chick joins my div
>last name was Arrowsmith, from Sri Lanka
>one of the girls in choir dubbed Sri Lanka a fictional place because fuck you
>for the remainder of my time there, a few others plus myself ask her how the people of anywhere but Sri Lanka are today, and constantly change it

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New Coat

I ended up getting a new coat for Valentine's Day (was supposed to be for Xmas, but oh well, the tailor got overworked). I had given a list of details to my husband, and little did I know, he was going to delivar.

As for how it looks, in its full cosplay glory...

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Hunt for the Golden Goddesses- Part 15/17 (I think)

In the beginning...
Last time...

Upon regaining her composure, Red stared warily at the lumbering man, her chocolate eyes squinted to see further into his very being. She found no answers, so she took a breath.

“I’ve been looking for you,” he said after several moments of silence had passed. “Your mark has made itself known, so it’s time you meet another Chum.”