Adult Cams
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How da chum began

I just found out that the original thread that started 4chumblr is archived:

>/r/ing pr girl to screencap it all for posterity here

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Guess what?

I love you

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4Chumblr webstore

So, who wants to buy a 4Chumblr shirt from the webstore?
Also, who wants a 4Chumblr webstore?
>inb4 kickstarter

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Too many fucking badges.

I think this is getting out of hand, we were originally going to have a few badges, nothing crazy, and now this. Just a badge for anything. I would have just been fine with a few badges, but now you are awarding users for being popular in the community, which was the main reason 4chan was anonymous in the first place. Can we stop with the badges? discuss.

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I will DRAW you motherfuckers *new arts

I finally got around to coloring that one picture. Been avoiding posting it because i really didn't like how the coloring turned out.

So here it is: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2eoutjd.jpg

i can't color.

Doodled a couple other pictures tho

Giant looming dick- compliments to Usagi. she draws the best dicks.

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Has it been a week already?

Great job, guys. We've survived this far. How far do you think we can go?

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EDIT: Last iteration caused some confusion I think

The forums will be active but won't appear on "active" or "latest" forum topics on the front page for sometimes quite a bit.

The "latest forums" page is a bit slow. I tend to just go to "Forums" on the top bar to actually see what's new. It's just a dev thing, but it's something I think you chums should be aware of.

This is more so you guys know to double check the "forums" tab on the top of the page - you'll probably see threads you didn't know about.

>The moar you know

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Chumblr Loli Anyone?