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Bootleg Mario Game

Found in an old room in my house; Super Mario 4.



Title screen, complete with moonrunes and weird face graphics ( there were two frames of Mario's face, with one being a different pallette to the other)

Has widescreen option

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Disgaea ds anyone?

read the title

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Wii U fags report

Anyone here play Wii U?

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Dooms Day is apon us

>5 more days

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Jesus Fucking Christ

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AoE vs JL

Axis of Evil vs Justice League: How will it happen?
Super Smash Flash 2 is a PC variant of the popular Super Smash Bros Brawl, and it has just updated with an online mode. While the online mode is still being worked on, we can all register, make a room, and fight each other. The side (good/evil) with the winner wins!

When?: Idk admin and spider gotta decide
Where?: In ur pc fagt

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Streamin' Vidya

I'm streaming again tonight if anyone is interested.

I'll be starting at around 11:10 (A little less than an hour from now in my time zone.) with some Shovel Knight for a bit. Afterwards I'll be booting up Freedom Planet for the first time and see what that's about.

Come on, join in and be stupid in chat. It'll be fun.



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Post some fucking screenshots, kekworthy or otherwise. Dumping some of my own to start.

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DaChum Combat Arms Clan

So I went back to play some Combat Arms, just feeling like shoting people.
For those of you that may not know the game, Combat Arms is a free to play first person shooter with quite a few guns and gear to get, with the last update they added a bunch load of stuff to get for free that makes it better for free players.
Currently I play in the EU servers, there are servers for USA too but if you play in one you cant play in the other.