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When gaming gets hyperreal

>be playing CS as a terrorist
>get SWAT raiding you

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Street Fighter Trolling Compilation

Dunno if this is new, prolly not, but its funny shit.

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Star Citizen Blog

I just watched the lasts Star Citizen videos that I missed and GADDAMMIT I AM SO EXCITED

What do you think about it? Are you excited?

For those who didn't heard about it:

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Leaving This Here


>if I were the kid, I'd be upset
>if I were the dad, I'd be upset
>mfw I can see both sides of this
>mfw my friends only choose one side

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Minceraft Server?

I has a minceraft server if anyone wants to join meh
server contains magical things and large elementals O.o
Msg me on the irc or as a PM for the IP

love yah all <3

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Why is Game Journalism so Fucked Up?

Oh yeah. SJWs.

P.S. Oh yeah. I have time to be on the site again. Woo.

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I hate stuffed animals

So today, me and my buddies decided that midnight and after was a good time to play a single player game together, so my friend pointed us to a rising indie game, Five Nights at Freddy's which is a vidya about being a security manager at a Chuck E. Cheese's type place mixed with Night At The Museum mixed with Paranormal Activity.
We were outside, dimly lit, and all pretty tired.

And we fucking screamed when we lost.

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Mortal Kombat 9 screencaps

>play MK9
>still half way through the story mode
>get a blister on my left thumb from the cheap controller
>but tits

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Games you're hyped up for!

There are coming out way to many games now and i wanna see what mah chums are waiting so eagerly for.

My list is:

Alien: Isolation
Sunset Overdrive
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Far Cry 4

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Best of vidya trolls and rages

Trolls go like this: