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Official 4chumblr 3DS Friend Code Blog

In lieu of Smash Bros. coming out tomorrow I thought it'd be a good idea to post friend codes so we can all beat the shit out of each other in smash.

Mine is 3153-3915-8933

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Any Total War Fans?

Dunno how many Total War fans there are here on da chum but thought I'd fuckin blog this shit.

pre-alpha video and screenshots start at 4:05

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ArcheAge info and stuff

If you would like to start playing ArcheAge with the rest of the chums heres some information you need to know.

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I found my lego network account


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So I got Hearthstone today and I'm really enjoying it. I've got the basics down, and just unlocked all the Heroes.

Any chums play Hearthstone and also WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HALF THE TIME??
It's kinda bullshit, because half the time I seem to start with cards useless for early game i.e. turn someone into a frog.

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Lets play ArcheAge and gangbang the shit out of it

Soooo, a friend told me about this MMO that is still on Beta and will lounch soon, name is ArcheAge and looks pretty cool, you can do all kind of stuff in there, naval wars, trading, hot waifus and lotsa PVP. So I thought on get the chums together in there and start a guild or something to rule the world, im downloading the game right now, you can register and download it here http://www.trionworlds.com/en/ga... , its free to play.

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Skyrim mods by chumadmin

Thought on sharing some Skyrim follower mods I made, this are only 2 of them, there is a third, the newest of them all that you guys may need to find, cos im mysterious like that.
My first ever mod, just a big mean nord made out of my own character, has some dependencies for hair and skin but oh well, was my first try.

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My upload finally finished
Tis my collection of pokemon roms and hacked roms + their emulators
and also some other nds roms <3

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Fuckin' HYPE


Watching that new vid, looking at Time Tracer(TiT)'s design fueled enough hype for me to wanna steal a Korean's iPin. I know he's gonna be borkn as fuck but the only reason I want him is to troll other players and annoy them

There is no escaping from doomsday, apocalypse or [insertwhateverthefuckTiT'sHAis].

Add is love. Add is life (´⊙ω⊙`)

N-not that I think he's hot or whatever →_→