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Lootboxes are not gambling.

The new trend among gaming comentators is to claim that lootboxes are gambling and as such they are bad and should be regulated by the government, there are even petitions online to regulate lootboxes as gambling.
Then we have the mindless fanbase masses rushing to echo the words of their favorite internet personality and cry rivers over the inclusion of looboxes in games.

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Interview with Pokemon Go developer.

>tfw I already got the 145 pokemon available playing on PC

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EVO 2016

I am still so fucking mad about EVO.

First I watched Hungrybox cheese his way through the bracket with that gay ass fucking Jigglypuff and then get free wins with Rest against Armada and Mang0, then he made it worse by actually winning. At least Plup didn't win. I hate him on principle.

Then I lost money betting against Infiltration because I thought Fuudo wouldn't scrub out against him. It's just so fucking... Yeah, fuck that.

Anyone else watch EVO? Anyone see Westballz play? That was all I really cared about.

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Nerds figured how to play pokemon go at home

>PC master race pokemon go

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Finally someone figured how to get nerds out of their caves

Forget BLM protests and such, the streets now belong to the nerd hordes hunting pokemons.

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Injustice 2 Supertomboy

They made Supergirl a tomboy instead of a super hot chick, I smell social injustice warriors here...

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ARK: Survival Evolved

Just got this game after watching some Twitch stream about it, it was a RP stream but got to see what the game is all about so went ahead and got it, played like an hour or so so far but im liking it, the graphics are sweet and the survival thing is something iv not done before, here is a trailer:

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Chumcom 2: Part 1 - First Steps



All that CS:GO really paid off for Shiggy

Inky misses, but decides to take a no-nonsense approach instead.


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Chumcom 2: Part 0 - Introduction

Just wanted make a quick first post that I'm continuing chumcom with XCOM 2.

The squad so far:

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Battlefield 1, do want

I dont really know much about Battlefiel other that is kind of like CoD, but if the game is anything like this badass trailer I think I will give it a try.