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Star Wars - Luke and Rey first time anal

>when she tries anal for the first time and there is a turd at the door
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Batman V Superman HISHE

Too funny:

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Star Wars the force awakens.

So, just watched it.. not impressed at all.

Best part is they got a cutiepie as the main character:

>would bang with the force

Worst part is seeing Leia turned from this:

Into this:

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G.O.T. S5 E6

>mfw Sansa Stark finally gets her ass raped and they dont show it

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I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi and monsters movies, like most kids with a tv at home watched plenty of them.
There was this one movie that I couldnt really remember what it was about but that there was a big ass monster destroying a city and that it was nasty and scary, in my mind everytime I recalled the movie it would be something like Godzilla 2014, vivid and realistic. So I recalled the movie today and googled it wanting to remember what the movie was about and found out the movie is from 1961.
Here a recap of the movie:

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Do want movies trailers October 2014

John Wick


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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What shows do you guys watch?
I personally don't really watch TV, with 2 exceptions: The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

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Tarantino Blog

I'm reading a book on tarantino's cinema. It's freaking interessant (and it shits in Godard's face, who told that Tarantino's cinematography was a bunch of acultural crap. Anyway.).

Tell me, what's your favourite Tarantino movie, and why?

For me, that'd be Reservoir Dogs. I find this movie even more visceral than all the other Tarantinos.