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Talk about your favorite television shows and movies

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Batman V Superman HISHE

Too funny:

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Star Wars the force awakens.

So, just watched it.. not impressed at all.

Best part is they got a cutiepie as the main character:

>would bang with the force

Worst part is seeing Leia turned from this:

Into this:

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G.O.T. S5 E6

>mfw Sansa Stark finally gets her ass raped and they dont show it

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I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi and monsters movies, like most kids with a tv at home watched plenty of them.
There was this one movie that I couldnt really remember what it was about but that there was a big ass monster destroying a city and that it was nasty and scary, in my mind everytime I recalled the movie it would be something like Godzilla 2014, vivid and realistic. So I recalled the movie today and googled it wanting to remember what the movie was about and found out the movie is from 1961.
Here a recap of the movie:

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Do want movies trailers October 2014

John Wick


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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What shows do you guys watch?
I personally don't really watch TV, with 2 exceptions: The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

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Tarantino Blog

I'm reading a book on tarantino's cinema. It's freaking interessant (and it shits in Godard's face, who told that Tarantino's cinematography was a bunch of acultural crap. Anyway.).

Tell me, what's your favourite Tarantino movie, and why?

For me, that'd be Reservoir Dogs. I find this movie even more visceral than all the other Tarantinos.

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Into the storm

I just finished watching "Into the storm", the big ass tornados and overall movie is great, but they had to ruin it with a bunch of teenagers/parents conflicts and bullshit, every 5 minutes there is some teen or father telling how much troubles they had with their family and repenting about crap they have done, then in the end they are all loving families smiling and being happy to be with their loved ones.
If they had put in more massive tornados and shit flying around instead of lame teen/parents drama, and some tits, the movie would be awesome, but still, worth watching.