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Check your closet for skeletons

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Happy October Chums~


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9/26/2014 THE DAY IRC DIED



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Why are you such a negro

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Thought I'd finally get around to posting my nopes.

Let's start young I guess.

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It's spooky becuz it works :0

Thanks mr skeltal

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Official Axis of Evil Recruitment

Welcome potential new member of the Axis of Evil I am Admin aka Chumadmin aka Lechum aka #blamespiderman the mastermind behind this wonderful idea that i stole from spoder, cos he sucks balls.
In this blog post I will grant the greatest title ever to select members who post a convincing application as to why they should be allowed in to this evil organization.
There will also be a ranking system also decided by me and selected fellow peers.

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9734's Obituary

Randall, or 9734 as you may have known him, has (un)fortunately left this world as of 10 am this (insert stabbing date here).
I'd like to take this time to devote a blog to his memory, as like in real life, 9734 always took up unnecessary space.
I met 9734 on the back of the bus during my freshman year of high school, and it was he who introduced me to 4chan.
After typing that, my remaining sliver of innocence screams out with the force of 1000 voices to completely destroy his memory,
but I shall refrain from such as much as possible.

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What's This?

The fog rolls over the hilly coastal town like a lost spirit. Tree leaves rustle in their branches as the wind howls for their liberation. Seals' barks silence which caused the town to seemingly lose any and all movement. Lights flicker in the distance, and the wave of darkness creeps closer.

A young woman wakes with a gasp. She clutches her throbbing head as the vivid details swirl in her mind. Her other hand reaches to the half-full water bottle and gulps down a mouthful.

"I should go for a walk. That clears my head."

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Spoopy Ghost Stories

So I love reading about peoples ghost stories. Sadly, I have only one but if you guys have some stories I'd love to hear em.
Well heres my story:
>Be me 22
>Have fuckbuddy arrangement with 19 year old friend
>She usually calls me up late at night.
>We get drunk and have sexy times.
>She confides in me that her house is super haunted.