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Storytime! (feat. Nigger McNignog)

>be me
>chick joins my div
>last name was Arrowsmith, from Sri Lanka
>one of the girls in choir dubbed Sri Lanka a fictional place because fuck you
>for the remainder of my time there, a few others plus myself ask her how the people of anywhere but Sri Lanka are today, and constantly change it

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Yo homes, roll ya later

most of you know already
but there is a website for DnD
maybe some chums will be interested and we could play
there are tutorials on there don't worry mates


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The Jimmy

The Jimmy, this is my hobby.

Do you guys have any hobbies?
norawy saves lives

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all the things

So a bunch of shit has happened, finally out of prison here <3

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Swig Swag Who's a fag?

Whoop whoop friendly neighborhood rapi- I mean web slinger reporting in and holy fuck this place is so dead If I were a necromancer I could take over the Galactic Empire and butt fuck sidious with ease.
I have no clue what's going on with the chums that still hold ties but no homo I may or may not miss this place so uhh yeah.
I'm not back but yaknow.
wassup :D

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hi friends

hi all, back from the dead to wish mah niggas a merry christmas, hope all is going well for the lot of you this season.

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I've been getting a lot of good screencaps from skype recently and thought I'd share with da chum. Some have names underneath some don't.


Greetings from Norway.

DatAdmin rolling in do$h.

Taking banana phone to the next level.

Gettin' wasted in the AM because yolo.

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Last Name Etymology

Hey chums, what does your last name means?

Mine comes from the first name Roland, which means [hrod] glory, and land.
So my name fucking means GLORIOUS LAND
It was also the badass buddy of Charlemagne, by the way.

What about you?

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yes or no?

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Personality Test

I found that site, that's pretty fon. Let's try that.

I'm that.