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Adult Cams

Ask for sauce, /r/ femchum tits, or help with the essay due to tomorrow.

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>when you see it

/r/ing Overwatch Tracer cosplay

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I want pictures of Asians and nats ass or nat wearing anything because shes still as appealing as I remember.
I still have some shit from way back that I don't know what to do with but that's not the point of this post.

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how is this place even alive rn like holy shit admin take it down already

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Insurmountable Boredom

What in the buck fuck are you guys still doing here?
I come back expecting to take over the place and turn it into a hub of depravity but you chum chag fags are still lurkin here
fingering each others dirty buttholes.
I'm not sure what surprises me more the fact that a number of you guys still talk to each other or the fact that this site hasn't been taken down yet..

I am incredibly disappointed now because I was gonna redecorate and everything but I don't have the legitimate authority to evict you bastards and finally sate this thirst for action.

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A comprehensive guide on How to Jew

Hello up and coming jews after finishing this comprehensive guide you too will be able to haggle,do taxes and obtain obscene amounts of wealth like A REAL JEW.

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If you guys make me the next Kim Dotcom

Ill let you ride my Segway and play in my XBox room, promise.

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pweese frosty?

I cant buy things online atm bc no new card
could you buy me a thing and send/give it to me and ill pay you back <3
only reason im asking you is bc you know where i liv now so yh it wd be easy for you to post it :3

it might be an item of sexual intrest
it also might be intended for use on me

you can choose it :3

pls bby


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Help keep the website running!

Basically, you send me a partial nude and If I deem it acceptable then I add £5 (8.32 US Dollars at the current market) to the "Donations pot" (the amount of cash ill donate to chumadmin for the website and stuff)
you can send me a good clear full nude and if I deem it acceptable then I add £10-£20 (16.63 US Dollars to 33.19 US Dollars) to the "Donations pot"

Once my new card comes in and I can send money to my paypal and such, the amount in the donations pot at that time WILL be donated to the website and such.

Current Donation Pot Total: £15

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Armor Request

As Poofi requested from me, here's his armor, the glorious P0F-1.

Tast the sw@gg.

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So, i keep seeing and hearing about these badges. Can anyone tell me what all is available and how to get them? The obvious ones like naughty and dat ass can be skipped over lol