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Reeled in a big one

I'm pretty tired of the Dan raids in Omegle, so I decided to change the name. Made a thread and whoever rolled 69 gets to pick new name, and 69 picked Blackie the Cracka. First time I tried this I got a big one.


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happy thanksgiving, enjoy your family time and food. Afterwards proceed to tell us about that weird uncle or that older relative who just says whatever they want. I want awkward family stories cause mine is boring and well-behaved at get togethers =/

but yeah enjoy your holiday and such unless you have to work

>feel like i'm being to pleasant...


>kay thats better.

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YujiKington, and the tale of the Dog Dick.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a proud person.

I'm not sure why I spent $81.87 on this thing.
But hey, it was on sale, so I got a good deal.
I guess.

Please kill me.

Review of the toy for Inky:

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Haï, pipole

As you surely don't know it, I'm not really present, these days. Nothing really happend, but I lost the reflex of regurally coming. When I'll get a better phone, that'll surely change.

How are y'all doing? Any newfag here?

Don't worry Poofi, I will do your drawing, one day. But I keep that in mind.

I also think more and more about making anglophone videos about things. Like france, explanation of things, a bit of philosophy, nothing serious, but I'd like to know your mind on all that, and what I could talk about.

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4Chumblr: An intellectual documentary

So i just made some p̶r̶o̶p̶a̶g̶a̶n̶d̶a̶ cool video about 4chumblr.

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Picture Blog

So as most you G@ggots know, i took a trip up to Ohio, and became the first Chum to meet another chum in person and hangout, sadly i didn't have many pictures of the trip cause;

1- Enjoying myself too damn much

2-Cayman was kissing me and holding me every second he could

3-I honestly forgot to take pictures tbh~

Oh and anonimg, and imgur are being dicks to me and wont load/upload the images so hopefully on another day it will work and i'll update this blog.  Enjoy~

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I wonder what Anita Sarkeesian has to say about this

I dont think I'v seen her talking about topics like this even thought this is real rape culture.
She is the feminist champion who became really popular reaching a lot of people so maybe she could try to raise awareness on things a bit less trivial than video games.

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The Jumberlack

Nat said Lumberjack wrong in skype and said Jumberlack instead and this happened.


Sorry not sorry.