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Did he died?

Is this place dead now?

Kill confirmed?

Man, I was tempted to get on more often, but no one was ever on, really... If anyone sees this. I <3 you all.

I still come on and look, but nothing new is ever really posted. And lol "wat is chat room?" amirite? Does everyone still skype?

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Happy new fucking year

May This year be benefic for tour hormonal production and Your ovulation rate, test subjects.

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what's new bitches

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This place still exists?

Been gone for 4 months. Come back. Place is still up but dead. Shiiet

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So I've had a Huntsman spider chilling in my room for the past few days now. My friends keep telling me to get rid of it but I don't really care.
Today on webcam for them I was showing them the spider and they couldn't see it. I then poked it with a pen and the spider lunged onto my hand and I screamed OHSHIT and flung it against the wall.
Now I don't know where the spider is. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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I dreamt of you, 4Chumblr

We went at the beach, we had fucking huge inflatable boats, we were sleeping in them, admin came in a jeep to kill us, i have no idea why, and i slept with inky, but i think i'm in the friendzone.

That was awesome, I want vacation like that.

Too bad I forgot a lot of the dream.

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Getting Into The Holiday Spirit!

So i realize some chums just aren't getting into the holiday spirit!

This is sad, so i found something that should make you excited, and filled with um you know...holiday spirit!


Happy Hoildays~


Enjoy G@ggots!

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Innawoods Blog

Let's do our Innawoods inventory, Chums

Here's mine: