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If you dont know where it goes, it sure goes here

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Ex-fucking-scuse me?

So, out of boredom and nostalgia, I whack in an old URL. And here we are. L oh fucking L.
1) How the fuck is this still a thing?
2) Why on earth am I able to post?

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I spent way too many hours watching this stuff

It's nerd's dreams come true.

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Must watch this new reality show

It was about time some nerd came up with this idea thought.

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Overwatch gets searched on pornhub 817% higher than normal during overwatch beta.

Good job blizz.

EDIT: Played it for a little longer today, probably gonna wait for a sale. Still a pretty good game though, just not worth the $80.

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What real SJWs look like.

The rusky dont mess around when it comes to social justice:

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Damn hipsters

Now this is mainstream..


>asians claim to be aryan now
>rip muh /b/ nazi comments
>need new trolling topics
>following on twitter cos of reasons

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The fuck am I watching?

>im moving to whatever country has this kind of tv

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I'm back, faggots.

I forgot my old password and e-mail :c

Has anything that has actually mattered happened while I've been gone? This place looks really, really dead.

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What happened?

So I haven't been here since last April...
the fuck we haven't gotten any better or worse it's like we went into cryostasis m8s what

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new petition