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A political argument is an instance of a logical argument applied to politics

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There might be a second NSA leaker who hasn't been discovered.

Well down in the Glenn Greenwald interview:

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Equality cannot be achieved

We aren't even born the same and thinking of each as equal would imply that. It would make us machines and we might as well see the world in gray.

Now, generalisation can be considered bad, such as racism, but not inequality, it's only naturable and is not caused by us humans.

Here's a link I'd like to share about equality for feminists :

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Equal Opportunity for all Races, Sexual Orientations, Genders,etc.

Good morning 4chumblr!

I advocate our new /pol/ become a much more SJW friendly society. Thus, I recommend us implement
Equal Opportunity Slurs
These terms can be applied to everybody, regardless of who they are or what they do.
These terms are as simple as "slut," "fag," "cunt," "degenerate," or "goy."
I for one think we shouldn't discriminate in how we treat other people!
Treat others like the fucking cunts they are. We don't like fags or degenerates in our society. So we call them out for the sluts and good goys they are.

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Starting it off right