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Computer builds

get in here and post your shitty/beastly setups, from monitors to power supplies

Monitor: Some shitty hp 15in 4:3 max res 1024x768

CPU: AMD A-8 3870k OCd at 3.5 Ghz
GPU: built in 6550d OCd at 800Mhz
RAM: 4 gigs of dd3 1333 OCd at 1600
HDD: Some old 160 gig i shoved in the case and another 320 5400RPM
CASE: Small micro atx w/ built in 300 watt psu

so 4chumlies, what are you runnin

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Computer issue

Computer fan grinding noise?
Is normal?
Serious only pl0x
Sounds like slow fan

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Desktop Thread

Post yo damn desktops, no cleaning unless its identity protection shit (like i painted over my ips and shit)

Desktop Of LolCakes
My desktop - LolCakes