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Inky did a bad...

So i had to go out and shop for the last items for my Mechacon Cosplays...and i got what i needed a one thing extra...

Enjoy the pictures of me in my kimono and new lolita dress(and my Alice cosplay wig...)

1-I got the Obi belt for my Kimono and i look hella cute


2- This is what i did a bad on, and bought...

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Where were you when anime of 2015 was announced?

Miia's voice actress sucks
Suu has nipples
It will probably be a really short OVA

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man I got this one floorboard
at the top of the stairs
learned to avoid that shit to prevent my high ass self from sketching myself out
into a paranoid frenzy

—Hitler McStalin

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shit waifu
jk I'mm too drunk to even start a waifu war,

Tsubaki is the best girl.

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Ey negroes look what i bought.

I have been wanting to buy this for so long and finally i did it.

My life is now complete, i can die happy now.

That's until i buy Yotsuba&! anyways.

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Anime Recommendations

hi /a/ im a newfag and i was wondering if you guys could recommend any notable anime for me to watch that would be great

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This is gender equality

And I think it's beautiful

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No one of Tumblr is safe from feminism

I thought that being on the animu side of Tumblr, the cancer wouldn't touch us because they be too focused on the real world. Otakus and weeaboos have their waifus and husbandos and abundance of indoors so we wouldn't understand the shit that happens in reality.

>boy was I fuckin' wrong

Yesterday I learned that a bunch of feminists and SJWs camp out in anime and homestuck tags. They also "appreciate" anime and act like fangirls/fanboys therefore making it hard to tell which ones are safe and which ones will give me cancer.