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Adult Cams
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Dat Spooky Month Yo


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Its spoopy time

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FTL: Advanced Edition ~ The 4Chumblr Coffin Pt.2

Well..... I had a bad feeling about going back into this save...

Bad feeling confirmed, everyone almost dies because of these intruders BUT,

I got people healed up and then the shields got damaged ah...

Finally finished that battle, lucky nobody died.

OH, you had to hit my weapons system didn't you, now I cant take yours out quickly.

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FTL: Advanced Edition ~ The 4Chumblr Coffin

So I finally bought this game after having played it a while back, Still love it, decided to do a small chum run as my first.

below are the details/screenshots, I've just reached the 3rd zone.

Just before starting.

First thing I find, cant say no to that, means I get to blow shit up!

Yup, I blew shit up AND got paid for it :D

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Shit Chum Fan-Fic / AdminxFrosty (kinda) *Finished*

You open the door to find FrostedButts on your doorstep. “Hi Admin,” she says cheerily.

You invite her in, taking a moment to savor her scent as she brushes past you, your eyes sneakily darting up and down her body. She’s an attractive woman, but sadly off-limits to you!

You’ve been expecting her and you have your equipment ready. You hand her your expensive video camera. “Here you go. Be careful with it!”

“Thanks Admin,” she says, impressed by its size and heft. “I thought these things were getting smaller.”

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A 4chumblr fan-fiction - InkyCakes

It's rarely that you find yourself alone with Inky. On this occasion, no-one else is expected for at least half an hour. You make her a cup of coffee and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know her better.

You've lusted after Inky for a while now, but you've never made a move on her. You can't imagine that anything good would happen if you were ever to proposition her. Instead you make small talk and wonder if she suspects the depth of your feelings.

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Spoder confrimd

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all the things

So a bunch of shit has happened, finally out of prison here <3

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