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EVO 2016

I am still so fucking mad about EVO.

First I watched Hungrybox cheese his way through the bracket with that gay ass fucking Jigglypuff and then get free wins with Rest against Armada and Mang0, then he made it worse by actually winning. At least Plup didn't win. I hate him on principle.

Then I lost money betting against Infiltration because I thought Fuudo wouldn't scrub out against him. It's just so fucking... Yeah, fuck that.

Anyone else watch EVO? Anyone see Westballz play? That was all I really cared about.

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I Just Have to Say...

My story was still better than any of y'alls

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Why is this image so beautiful and perfect and amazing and not mine?

>them lips
>that pussy
>those eyes
>dat ass
>that hair color


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Metal Gear Solid

So I've decided to tackle the momentous task of completing the entire MGS series (1 2 3 4 and PW) after seeing the E3 reveal trailer for MGS 5 Phantom Pain.

So far I've not gotten out of the first base on the first level in the first game. It's considerably harder when you're using a keyboard and you're still trying to learn the commands and all that. Needless to say I spent most of my time yelling at Snake to stop crouching.

So my question is to all who have played the Metal Gear series. Is it worth it? How good is the series? What can I expect? How long will it take?

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OldBoy's Guide to Breaking Your Brain

Hello! Today I will be providing helpful tips to help you break your brain! We all have a brain, except for most politicians and Redditors, and so its important to know how far you can tax it before you slip into mental collapse.

Step one! Determine your limits. How far can you go on minimal sleep and constant artistic inspiration? This doctor recommends sleeping poorly and then trying to write a 200,000 word novel in under two years, editing included.

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Last Night!!

Alright, probably best night of my life in a long time.

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Chello Maties


Things I'm doing:

-making board games for stories
-planning backstories for stories
-making mythology for stories
-writing a story
-playing MTG with friends
-trying to avoid reading Homestuck
-failing at not obsessing over Vriska and her perfect self
-creating new stories with new things in
them like mythology and board games

Things I'm not doing:

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Update (Story Info Included)

Hey chummos.

Just an update on my general well-being. Senior year is running train so I haven't had the capacity to sit down and really crank out some words for The Grand Finale. Soon, okay? I expect to get a lot of writing done tomorrow.

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AXIS vs. JUSTICE LEAGUE - Part 6 of 7

“Okay,” YujiK wheezed, finally stopping after the long run. “I think this is far enough away.”

“I still don’t get,” Shiggy panted as he came up next to YujiK, “why we ran towards the gunshots and not away.”

“You wanna get iced by rounds that take out whole buildings?” YujiK asked, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. “Be my guest. It’s the same psychology that makes a man run upwind of a fire, where he knows it won’t spread.”