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It's fappening again

The internet is leaking again..

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And so it begins..

So much butthurt right now all around the world, well played Murica.

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ASSange blames Clinton for his broken router

We blame the ISP when the internet dies...

"WikiLeaks: Assange's internet 'severed' by state actor"

>"Did you check the router?!
>"NO!! It's the CIA!!"

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Hi Walter! I got a new GF today!

I guess this is where "Grab them by the pussy" leads to.

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Grab 'em by the pussy

I cant blame him, im sure I'll be even a bigger perv than Trump when I get that old.. well, I already am.

It is going to be a fun world if Trump wins tho.

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Muslims vs Christians in Youtube comments

I can barely tell who is talking about the bible and who about the koran in this video's comments section and in most cases its cos they have an arabic sounding user name:

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My new fav software ever

>tfw you figure you fat finger deleted really important stuff while moving files around

Enter DMDE file recovery!!

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Interview with Pokemon Go developer.

>tfw I already got the 145 pokemon available playing on PC

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Nerds figured how to play pokemon go at home

>PC master race pokemon go

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Ever wanted to get a BJ from a pokemon?

Here is how:

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