Lootboxes are not gambling.

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The new trend among gaming comentators is to claim that lootboxes are gambling and as such they are bad and should be regulated by the government, there are even petitions online to regulate lootboxes as gambling.
Then we have the mindless fanbase masses rushing to echo the words of their favorite internet personality and cry rivers over the inclusion of looboxes in games.
Lootboxes are mostly shit because we dont always get what we want ( something millennials cant handle very well ) and because to get something some people can spend money on getting more lootboxes than we can, poor us.
They are shit also because now game developers seemingly cut out game content to stuff in the looboxes so they can tap into the endless influx of money this market generates and even going as far as making games pay to win, including them in single player games and try to explain why it makes sense to have them... implying,
Microtransactions and lootboxes might be a cancer for gaming, but claiming that lootboxes is gambling is just stretching it, thought there is a chance element in this ( bless me RNGesus ) in the end is a purchase of a randomized item like it is buying a pack of Pokemon cards or MTG, not a wager for money. It is not gambling and if you dont want your kids spending money on games dont give them your creditcard, if the credit card is yours then burn it if that pleases you.
But the outcry over the loot might get to ears of the gov thanks to some stupid noobs asking the gov to get involved, and then they will look into it and come up with a solution to the problem, and I am sure that whatever that solution might be, we gamers will end up paying for it, prolly having more expensive games because of taxes or having age restrictions on games, imagine the rage it could cause if the gov makes overwatch 18+ cos it has lootboxes in it, then the dumb masses that followed the trend and signed petitions and shit will have what its coming for them.
Im just glad im not a parent and I can burn as much money as I want on my games, those that dont like a game because they have microtransactions and lootboxes just dont buy the game and support the model, or just pirate it ( if you dont mind risk Putin having control of your PC you can find plenty of pirated games here http://fitgirl-repacks.site/ and no, it is not an ad, just a site of pirated games that you could torrent anywhere else anyway ).

>inb4 the gov puts taxes on lootboxes
>inb4 a few butthurt noobs ruin it for everyone

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Thanks for the torrent link. I don't think my laptop could handle games very well but I want to build a PC at some point. I used to be into skyrim, any games like that you could recommend?

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hey @User_Name , glad to see you around.
Actually i was playing Shadow of War and it came to me that it looks a lot like skyrim, it is not as large and open as skyrim, not even close, but the theme and the lore is kind of in the same realm, thought Shadow of war gets old really quick, it is worth a try for free but the story and a few hours of diverse content is not worth 60 bucks.

A game that I would recomend buying or getting for free is Nier Automata if you did not play it yet, it is well rounded, entertaining, an interesting story and there is that sweet 3d booty to be had too, it is more arcade like and futuristic theme but it is one of those games that you must play.

Also have a look at Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, its a weird indie game but very well done for its price, it is more like a visual novel/experience/rpg and its really trippy but a good game.