Muslims vs Christians in Youtube comments

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I can barely tell who is talking about the bible and who about the koran in this video's comments section and in most cases its cos they have an arabic sounding user name:

It's like kids arguing about which cartoon is better or Red Riding Hood vs Cinderella or something like that but it is people that think the stories are true, they go on and on about what nonsense is more real than the other, its just really weird and then you have those that mix it all together in an even more fantastic tale:

"For us Muslims we have all always believed in our since the begging. For example Islam means submission to Allah, and a Muslim is a submitter to Allah. The prophets all submitted to their lord, which meant they were Muslims. Moses was Muslim he had the book(the Torah) Jesus was muslim he had the book (gospel). God never made a sin he is not even a human. God never gets tired. God doesn't have chosen people because then what's the point of making the rest of mankind. Jesus never died for our sins. When the Jews wanted to kill Jesus God sent angels and took Jesus onto to heaven and he will come back later during the end times to fight to false messiah Dajjal. Jesus did not die for our sins he your sins he is still alive. Chriatain follow Paul."


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Muslim rap...

>Meanwhile in some german channel comments where I got linked to those videos:
"His name is Jafar
He came from afar
There's a bomb in his car
Allahu Ackbar"