9/23- Marking the Calender

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In light of recent habbidings and my fortune with electronics, I've realized a couple things.

If I must drink coffee at the desk, do not fill it to the brim. Coffee always spills, science has proven this.

The Toshiba is shit and old. No amount of fan power would keep it on.

I've no idea what else to do with my Vaio's hard drive if the thing 1) won't turn on, and 2) is now external.

There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. The longer I wait, the better chances of getting something I can afford with better capabilities. And since I need motivation for, well, just about everything, I've decided that if I get my license on the 23rd by passing the road test, I will personally drive somewhere, buy a new laptop, hook it up, and get rid of the other two. So for the time being, I shall remain mobile, thus putting the sequel further on hold.

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imma get my permit in september