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You open the door to find FrostedButts on your doorstep. “Hi Admin,” she says cheerily.

You invite her in, taking a moment to savor her scent as she brushes past you, your eyes sneakily darting up and down her body. She’s an attractive woman, but sadly off-limits to you!

You’ve been expecting her and you have your equipment ready. You hand her your expensive video camera. “Here you go. Be careful with it!”

“Thanks Admin,” she says, impressed by its size and heft. “I thought these things were getting smaller.”

You shrug. “Big lens, big camera. Those little ones are toys. I’ll lend you a tripod too — it sounds like you’ll need it?”

“Yeah,” she replies. “I need to record an amateur production this Friday. We can’t afford to get it professionally filmed, but I’m guessing your camera will do a better job than my iPhone?”

“Ohhhhhh yeah,” you reply smugly. “And if you like, I’ll do a little editing on the footage and add some titles to it.”

“You’re awesome, Admin!” says FrostedButts while leaning in for a half hug. “I’ll even sweeten the deal by baking you one of my famous apple pies.”

“Awesome.” You help her carry the tripod to her car, your mouth watering at the thought of munching into her soft, warm pie.

“Thanks Admin, I’ll stop over Saturday afternoon about two o’clock and return everything,” says FrostedButts before driving off. Now that she’s gone you feel a little a little sick. You’d do almost anything for her, but that was a fucking expensive camera…

A few days go by and you hear a knock on the door. You get up from the couch, pulling your hand out of your tracksuit pants and checking it with a quick sniff before opening the door. It’s FrostedButts, looking fit and sporty in her running outfit. She gives you a big smile and your heart flutters.

“So how’d it go? Did you get some good footage?”

“Yeah, it went pretty well. I enjoyed using your camera, it’s probably the best one I have ever used. Even with the low lighting in the theater, the images were bright and sharp.”

“Good to hear,” you reply.

“Yeah, thanks for giving it to me. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem.” You can think of something else you’d like to give her, but instead you take back your gear and set it down on the counter.

“I have to go running now. Let me know when you’re done with the editing — there’s no rush.” FrostedButts hesitates, then hands you a freshly baked pie and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.

“Will do,” you reply, admiring her ass as she jogs away down the path. Then you quickly shut the door as you realize you are sporting a semi in your track pants.

You walk back towards your editing room, dropping the pie off in the kitchen for later. You turn on the screens and start up the rest of your editing equipment. You place the memory card in the reader and transfer the data to your media array. After a few seconds, the screens come alive with an image of a bedroom. The image shakes a little before stabilizing, perhaps fastening to the tripod. It moves back and forth, adjusting the view until it has the bed framed in the screen.

You sit down in your chair not really knowing what to think. You reach forward to the editing controls, about to jog through the footage when music starts in the background and a familiar face appears on the screen. FrostedButts walks in front of the camera wearing a red silk robe, sits at the foot of the bed, and starts talking in a sexy voice.

“Hi baby, I have finally decided to make you the video you requested for your birthday. So I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I will enjoy making it.”

Your jaw drops as you watch FrostedButts stand up and open her robe, showing off her skimpy lingerie, her breasts encased in a tight, black lace bra. You draw closer to the screen as FrostedButts starts to run her hands down her body, letting the robe slowly drop off her shoulders and flow down her arms; pausing briefly around her waist before hitting the ground.

You suddenly realize that she must have mixed up the footage. Briefly you consider stopping the playback, but then FrostedButts purrs seductively, “Baby, I’m getting so wet, just thinking of your big, hard cock!”

You watch slack-jawed as FrostedButts sits down on the bed and pulls her knees up, spreading her legs open. Her underwear is crotch-less and her trim pussy is exposed in full, high-def glory. She slides a finger up and down her slit, stopping now and then to flick a fingertip back and forth over her little pink bud. Then she stuffs a couple of digits between her pussy lips and deep inside. When she pulls them out they are wet and shiny.

FrostedButts’s other hand travels up her body and pulls down the front of her bra until she finds her nipple and lightly pinches it between her fingers. “Just thinking of you inside me makes me so fucking hot!” she moans, as her hand travels around to the other breast. You adjust the controls. Not to stop the video, but to adjust the zoom to get a better view of FrostedButts massaging her nipples until they are visibly hard. FrostedButts’s nipples are not the only thing getting hard as you adjust the growing member in your pants.

You sit back in your chair and yank down the front of your tracksuit pants, releasing your throbbing cock from its polyester prison. You start stroking your meat, keeping your eyes fixed on the screen as FrostedButts reaches into her nightstand drawer. She pulls out a massive dildo similar in size to your own cock and starts sucking on it. Her free hand finds its way back to her pussy and her fingers make quick work sliding in and out of her moist depths. You pull back on the zoom so you can see all parts of her — just in time to see her remove the rubber phallus from her mouth and sink it slowly into her glistening cunt, arching her back as she presses it deeper and deeper.

Your erection grows harder, watching FrostedButts squirm as she manipulates the fat dildo using both hands now to rock it back and forth, moaning and crying about how she needs your cock and begging you to fuck her harder and faster. You find yourself trying to keep up with her, wanking your pole faster and faster as she slams the toy in and out of herself.

You feel a familiar urge growing inside you, so you slow your pace to continue enjoying the private show. FrostedButts rolls over on to her chest, showing a marvelous ass that appears to be both firm and soft. She reaches back and gives her cheeks a few nice big slaps. You lean back a little farther in your chair and squint your eyes so it looks like you are pleasuring FrostedButts from behind.

You are lost in the fantasy of doggy-fucking FrostedButts when you suddenly hear a man’s voice. “What’s going on here then?” It is a testimony to the quality of your sound system and the camera’s directional microphone that you think the man is in the room with you, but you quickly realize that the sound has come from the recording.

FrostedButts looks up for her position on the bed, blushing madly. “Honey, you are not supposed to be home until after four! You have ruined my surprise birthday gift.”

“That is not the way it looks to me. It looks like I came home just in time!” says her boyfriend, removing the camera from the tripod and taking the point of view of the cinematographer. “I think this movie is demanding a director; you know, someone behind the camera, giving the extremely beautiful and talented actress some encouragement and direction!”

FrostedButts smiles and crawls towards her boyfriend, expertly removing his shirt as he continues filming her.

“Your audience wants to see more skin,” he says as he undoes the clasp of her bra. She reaches forward and unbuttons his pants. The camera wobbles for a moment as he removes his shoes and kicks his pants aside. Then it focusses on his hard dick, bobbing around in front of FrostedButts’s eager face. You are pleased to observe that it isn’t as big as yours.

FrostedButts licks her lips and engulfs his cock in her mouth. She does this without using her hands. You actually like this view much more than from the stationary tripod as it almost looks like you are there and FrostedButts is sucking your own cock. After a minute of wet, sloppy deep-throating, she looks up to the camera and gives a sexy wink.

FrostedButts flings herself back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. The camera zooms in for a close-up of her red, wet pussy. You are admiring how nice it looks, but the camera operator does not want to linger too long and moves back up. He strokes his penis a couple times before burying it deep into her cunt. For an amateur he does a pretty good job, panning up and down her body as he fucks her. You get plenty of good views of her bouncing tits and well-stuffed pussy, and long, lingering shots of her pretty, panting face. The camera’s image-stabilization circuitry does a great job of keeping a steady picture considering how much shaking is going into each thrust.

FrostedButts is writhing in pleasure and is nearing her first climax. She arches her back and pulls him deeper inside her, screaming, “Oh my God, you feel so good, your cock is so hard! Fuck me! Keep going, please don’t stop! I can’t hold it any longgggeeeerrrrr. Aaahhhhh!!!!”

FrostedButts writhes around in an extended orgasm, but her boyfriend isn’t there yet. She digs her nails into his flanks as he continues to pound her harder. She proves to be exceptionally flexible as she throws her leg up and rotates until she is in the same position as when he came in. You appreciate this position as you watch FrostedButts getting hammered from behind, her soft butt cheeks jiggling madly. Her boyfriend’s camera work is getting a little shaky by this point, but he manages to keep her sexy ass in frame.

FrostedButts looks back over her shoulder with a sexy grin. “Since it is your birthday you can cum all over me.”

“Get ready honey, I’m almost there!” he groans as he pulls out and grips his pulsating prick in his hand. She turns around again, just in time as he blows his load all down the front of her; getting her face, chest, breasts and stomach. Semen dribbles down her sides and between her thighs, pooling on the bedcovers beneath her. FrostedButts grasps his hips and rocks him in and out until she has drained him of every drop.

You’ve been wanking along with them and now it’s your turn to explode, shooting your cum all over your monitor and keyboard. You rush to get some tissues as your sperm trickles down a freeze-framed image of FrostedButts ‘s cum-drenched body.

You finish cleaning up your editing room and go to the kitchen for a snack. You see the pie sitting on the counter, so you get a plate and cut off a big slice. Just as you are about to take a bite, you hear a loud knocking on the door. You decide to take the pie with you and take a couple of bites before reaching the door. You open the door and almost choke as you find FrostedButts standing there. She’s a little out of breath.

“FrostedButts, back so soon? Forget something?”

FrostedButts has a hard time keeping eye contact and talks down at the ground. “Well you see, um, have you watched the video I gave you yet, because I, well, we think you might have the wrong recording.”

“No, not yet,” you lie, hoping you sound honest enough. “Nice pie, by the way.”

“Can I exchange the media you have with the correct one I have here?” FrostedButts says in a hurried tone.

“Sure, just a sec — I’ll bring it right out.”

“Would you mind if I go with you?” FrostedButts begs.

“Okay. Right this way.”

You enter the editing room and you pick up the memory card from the desk. You hope she doesn’t notice that the room smells a little funky and the rubbish bin is full of tissues.

“Thanks again Admin! I am so sorry about the mix up. Here’s the right card,” says FrostedButts with a heavy sigh of relief as she swaps it with you.

“No problem,” you reply. “You are welcome to borrow my equipment anytime!”

It’s too bad that you didn’t manage to say that last line with a straight face.

The End

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>mfw no reap
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>mfw POV is so my thing
>mfw this reminds me of Second Life role play

10/10 would let her borrow my camera again.

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>mfw admin doesnt notice me

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