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Based Jewtin (Putin) already kicked the corrupt banker jews out (the Rothschilds) and nationalized their banks. Thats a case of jewing the jew, good job Jewtin.

The economic crisis will grow even more globally (duh).

The NSA spying will be exposed a bunch more (duuuh) thus leading to less people trusting the US govt.

World War 3 starts because more notable agression of USA vs Russia. THE GREAT HAPPENING BEGINS! Probably in Ukranie or somewhere in the Middle-East. Its possible that the war will go nuclear later on (hope not).

If USA loses USA will divide into different countries based on diferent cultures and ethnics: The Northwestern Front, USA (but with fewer states: Washington, New York, etc most of the East Coast), the Californian Republic, etc. Some of those new countries will be prosperous others not so much...

China will be the #1 economic super power.

Russia will be the #1 military super power for a while.

Germany will become a strong economic powerhouse basically rival of China.

The European Union will disband.



Discuss and yes thats a Touhou. Follow me because attention whoring and all that:

Thanks for reading my autism.

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There are several possible things that could trigger the thing, prolly yes related with Russia, they are getting closer to North Korea, I think its because the USA is trying to get things kind of under control with Iran, but Russia is doing whatever it wants all around and its cool with China so there could be the next Axis of Evil.

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(Nuke em)

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"Throughout history no one has ever managed to [subdue] Russia – and no one ever will,"
Putin said


Nigger McNignog
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Stupidest thing i've ever read.

>World War 3 starts because more notable agression of USA vs Russia. THE GREAT HAPPENING BEGINS! Probably in Ukranie or somewhere in the Middle-East. Its possible that the war will go nuclear later on (hope not).

Agression between the US and Russia might be higher then it have been in later decades but a war in the near future is inprobable considering the lack of military power and economical power that Russia have at the moment, Putin is really stretching thin now.

>China will be the #1 economic super power.

China is already 1# economical superpower. All be it the US will still stand strong for a few more years.

>Russia will be the #1 military super power for a while.

The way it's going now that's impossible, Russia is going down the shitter, as said Putin is stretching himself really far to prove otherwise.

>Germany will become a strong economic powerhouse basically rival of China.

Germany will never be able to rival China.

>The European Union will disband.

Too many countries have economies dependent on the EU.

Hitler McStalin
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@Nigger McNignog
>The EU will disband
Nigger's right on this, what will Greece do when Germany won't bail them out for the millionth time?

>All be it the US will stand strong for a few more years
You mean albeit, you were close Nigger.

I can see the USA balkanizing in our lifetime though, if they don't balkanize then individual states will have more power because the social issues that northerners care about are not the same ones that southerners care about and the laws need to fit the state not the country.

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@Hitler McStalin HitlerMcStalin

My predictions are all over the place and obviously not in order but I agree with the idea that the US will split. Its already a clash of cultures and this is a big, huuuge deal and it has always been like that. It has never been stable, its just all over the place.

I can see people getting fed up and "balkanizing" as you said.

@Nigger McNignog McNigger
You are right Germany won't compete with China, but it will be an economic powerhouse. China basically just put the capitalist shoes on and its already kicking ass with them. I wonder what will happen when China buys the entire Capitalist outfit.

My sincere respects... Hard workers and they got a bunch of em too. Biggest workforce in the planet.

Also I put the European Union disbanding at the end because it will happen, but I don't know if in our lifetime.

And Russia is at least capable of cockblocking the US into more wars in the Middle-East, they still have power, the Slavs are still in the game, alive and capable also they have decent relations with China. But you are right of course this is way too uncertain.

What I'm certain through is that we are going to see a less "Americanized" world and a more "Chinaized" world in the future since Capitalism is the meta right now. And I'm completely fine with that, I'm getting sick of "Americanism", its too sensitive and unstable. I'm glad it will happen in my life time.

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Reminder that the rate in which the Euro price is inflating is increasing and that Germany is giving all of it's money to Greece in fashion of a black hole

Reminder that Russia is only being heavily sanctioned with no further military or economic reprimands due to the fact that Crimea was once part of the Russia and Russia is the only country in the 21st century to take possession of another territory by force. Diplomatic ties with NATO might be stressed but not broken

Reminder that we've known that the NSA has been logging and listening to phone calls for over 20 years thanks to the Watergate Scandal

Reminder that NATO, UN and the US Congress will never allow a conventional war to be fought with Russia and we have continued the Cold War into the 21st century

Reminder that socioeconomic differences in region have nothing to do with political boundaries and further less to do with the consequence of war. If any loss occurs in a hypothetical conflict with Russia, it would be Alaska and some islands out in the Pacific

Also, do not speak of the wars in the middle east if you have no idea what you are talking about please. If you don't know the differences between the Iraqi-Palestinian Conflict, The War in Iraq, The War in Afghanistan etc and why they are happening/happened without a Wikipedia page to guide your insight, you definitely should not be talking about global politics

Reminder of the suicide rate and toxicity of high density industrial China