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New Chum Story (working title) - 5

Bloody Hell.

Belle was gonna do it, this was it.

This was the day where her co-workers were gonna get suplexed onto a table, or bar, or something solid.

She was on her way to her co-worker screaming at a door when the two hunters from earlier burst in from the main door.

"I might have been shot four times and I might need medical attention." The giant one said, glass shattering onto the ground from his bullet holes in his skin.

Ian came in not long afterwards, dragging an FBI agent in through to door.

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New Chum Story (working title) - 4


Ian knocked loudly on the door to room #612 and shouted

"New Paris Police, open up."

Ian leaned next to the door frame, well out of the way of the actual door and drew a .45 from the back of his pants, he signalled to Bill to get ready to kick the door in.

No answer, but they hardly waited for anything to answer.

Ian nodded to Bill. Go time.

Bill kicked the door as close to the lock as he could, not like it mattered, he had enough muscle density to just force it open.

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New Chum Story (working title) - 3


MacConnell and Atkinson were walking to their desks after showing the chief exactly what happened on the scene.

"So how do you think they did it?" Atkinson asked to MacConnell.

"My only guess is that they took the thing down and then cut up the bodies after he had... attached them. Any other answer just makes no sense, no human being could throw another that far and that accurately onto a chandelier, they'd have to be a gigantic body builder to do that." MacConnell replied, sipping at his coffee between sentences.

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New Chum Story (working title) - 2


Bill and Ian walked into Da Chum and sat at on the red, faded bar stools.

"Hello, welcome to Da Chum, can I take your order today?" Cheryl said, greeting the two men.

"We're not looking to order food, were looking for a man named Cesar." Bill replied, laying out a small slip of red paper.

Cheryl was silent. She inspected the red paper, handed it back and said. "I'll call him and see if he's in."

Cheryl went behind behind the bar and grabbed the phone and called Cesar.

"Cesar?" She asked.

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New Chum Story (working title)

The year is 2089, The world is run by an organization run from behind the scenes, "people" born, given, cursed, etc. with supernatural powers.

Welcome to the city of New Paris, a massive city built near the former Canadian-American Border to commemorate the continental union of Mexico, Canada, and the USA to form The North American Coalition or NAC for short. It's sister city is located near the California-Mexico border, and is called New Madrid.

The tale before you is but a mere fragment of the history of New Paris.



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Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after Paris attacks.

I wonder how could Anonymous do a thing against ISIS, its not like they have all their lives online and spend their days with their eyes fixed to a cellphone, there is not much data they could hack out of ISIS dating sites, this sites dont seem to be that much of a hit in the Caliphate since they just kidnap and make sex slaves out of any girls they come across. Maybe they can hack their big corporations to expose emails... nah, that wont work tho.

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So what with the whole migrant crisis going on and the attack on Paris last night I thought I'd make a post about how various EU countries are fighting off the menace. None of these fucking "refugees" look like refugees, they look like fully capable young people who can fight for their own damn country instead of chimping out all over Europe and the rest of the civilized world.

First of all, this video's the shit and you should check it out.

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A Problem with Fallout 4: Dialogue and its Efffect on Immersion

Fallout 4, with its rich history of writing has made some critical errors in terms of dialogue in its recent release.
^ "Oh really?"
< "Does it matter?"
.> "I agree.."
v "You're a mutt."

^ "Oh really? Did you think that up all on your own? Jesus Christ, you dumbfuck you don't show up for 7 months and THEN you try to make content? Fuck off."

<"Does it matter? The state of 4Chumblr has gone to hell, and your content won't make it any better."

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A Problem with Fallout 4: Game Mechanics and their Contribution to Story

Hello there. I don't post much at all anymore, but I thought I'd break that trend with some thoughts on the quality of the recent release of Fallout 4, namely a lack of a certain gameplay mechanic: weapon/armor durability.

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Hearthstone: heroes of warcraft.

Anyone playing it?