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Star Wars - Luke and Rey first time anal

>when she tries anal for the first time and there is a turd at the door
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i drew this site's mom and dad :"D

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Lootboxes are not gambling.

The new trend among gaming comentators is to claim that lootboxes are gambling and as such they are bad and should be regulated by the government, there are even petitions online to regulate lootboxes as gambling.
Then we have the mindless fanbase masses rushing to echo the words of their favorite internet personality and cry rivers over the inclusion of looboxes in games.

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Musics Mine song but the instrumental is king of carrot flowers and it's sung badly. Alaskan Fishermen - Cold Up In Here Onra - The Anthem Gorillaz - some kind of nature

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Why is this still here

I'm surprised this site is still up.

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It's fappening again

The internet is leaking again..

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tfw lurked this whole time


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And so it begins..

So much butthurt right now all around the world, well played Murica.

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ASSange blames Clinton for his broken router

We blame the ISP when the internet dies...

"WikiLeaks: Assange's internet 'severed' by state actor"

>"Did you check the router?!
>"NO!! It's the CIA!!"