4Chumblr badges.

Adult Cams

Site badges:

Admin Admin Of Da Chum:
This badge identifies the administrator of the site.
PR Da Chum PR:
Public Relations person of the site for helping users with site related issues and general communication.

User badges:

BadgeWhore BadgeWhore:
Users who ask to recieve any badge are branded with this badge; it can be removed by trading it for another badge.
CamChum Cam Verified Chum:
Post a picture with a timestamp and 4Chumblr text in the /soc/ board and you will be verified with this badge.
Creative Creative Chum:
The creative badge can be obtained by posting original content created by the users like drawings, designs, music or video.
Artist Da Chum Artist:
The Artist badge is awarded to users who show their artistic talents by creating original content in the site.
Cosplayer Da Chum Cosplayer:
This badge is awarded to users who post pictures of their cosplay along with an image of the character they are cosplaying. Must have the Verified Chum badge or post a timestamp in the cosplay picture.
Da Chum DJ Da Chum DJ:
Awarded to those users who stream music to the 4chumblr radio.
DatAss DatAss:
Obtained by posting a timestamped picture of your bare ass, 3 users of the oposite sex must approve the post for this badge to be granted.
Da Chum Journalist Da Chum Journalist:
This badge is given to those who write news articles and opinions in the /n/ board that are relevant, original and interesting.
Da Chum Writer Da Chum Writer:
Awarded to the Chums that excel in the art of creative writing.
Drama Queen Drama Queen:
Works much like the badgewhore badge; but it is stamped on users that cause drama on 4chumblr.
Naughty Chum Naughty Chum:
This badge is granted to users that post full nude pictures of themselves or explicit performances.
Justice League Justice League:
Identifies the members of the Justice League faction in the site, more information here: Official Justice League Recruitment
Axis of Evil Axis of Evil:
Members of the Axis of Evil faction in the site are granted this badge, more information here :Official Axis of Evil Recruitment
Spammer Shitlord Spammer Shitlord:
This badge is awarded to all the spammers and bots that manage to post shit in DaChum.

Limited badges:

OldFag OldFag:
This badge was given to those users who joined the site on the very first day it was created.
Master Artist Master Artist:
Awarded to the winner of the home page welcome banner contest.
Vidya Hax0r Vidya Hax0r:
Awarded to those who delivered their creations during the Vidya Hax0r badge rush.
11111 Get 11111 Get:
This badge shows the user that published the comment number 11111 in the site.
Invite-A-Palooza Winner Invite-A-Palooza Winner:
Awarded to the winners of Invite-A-Palooza 2014 winners.